12. November 2020 17:00-21:00, Online

World Usability Day Austria 2020

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WUD Austria 2020

The Austrian UX communities decided to come closer together in times where we can’t meet each other in person by organizing one single event for all Austrian UX communities.

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Who’s speaking

Our well curated speakers at this years WUD Austria

Thomas Grill
CEO – UXfocus
Marc Busch
R&D lead, Tests & Analyses – rapid user feedback GmbH
Raphael Pleschounig
Lead Researcher & Brand Consultant – KISKA
Patrick Ratheiser
CEO - Leftshift One


Do not miss our interesting talks

UX4AI - AI and the role of the human

  • Thomas Grill
  • thomas.grill@uxfocus.at

Artificial Intelligence is a booming topic. Application areas range from simulating human behaviour through e.g. bots up to the collection of data in order to profile people to provide them with a better services appear and grow. But what role does the user play within AI-based systems and applications? Which application and usage scenarios are applicable? How do we address ethical issues? These are just some questions we will briefly address and discuss within this talk.

Thomas is the CEO of UXfocus, a UX consultancy and design agency. He has over 20 years of working experience in the industry as well as doing academic research and teaching. Thomas is an expert in human-centered processes and strategies as well as in identifying and applying relevant UX methods and tools to create and evaluate new and innovative user-centered solutions.

  • 17:00 - 18:00
  • Online

Personalized UX through Artificial Intelligence - Challenges in Design and Evaluation

  • Marc Busch
  • marc.busch@user-feedback.at

Recent developments in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning allow for personalization of content and streams for various applications. The central question is: which factors determine how to tailor applications to the needs of diverse user groups and how can these factors be integrated in the design of applications? The talk will explore this design space and discuss important things to consider when evaluating personalized systems.

Marc is a psychologist with over 8 years of experience in implementing user research and user tests. With empathy and sensitivity, he gets authentic and genuine insight directly from the users. Marc works with qualitative research techniques as well as with quantitative research methods, such as experiments, hypothesis-based data collection and scientifically based user experience measuring instruments to improve products and new ideas.

  • 18:00 - 19:00
  • Online

Brands trying to stay in control

  • Raphael Pleschounig
  • r.pleschounig@kiska.com

How flawless do products and services that we use today work? In which cases do they manage to exceed our expectations and make us go “WOW”? Clearly, if they don’t work, brands suffer from it. On the other hand, if they fascinate, brands are hyped into new spheres. But what about the in-between? This session will point to a few routine examples of how brands manage the powerful impact of user experience these days.

Raphael Pleschounig joined KISKA in 2012 after studying Strategic Management & Multi-Cultural Branding in Innsbruck. Today, he is head of Insights & Brand Consulting Services and helps customers build strong brands through design.

  • 19:00 - 20:00
  • Online

How UX enables Artificial Intelligence by making it usable and explainable

  • Patrick Ratheiser
  • contact@leftshift.one

Since 1956, science has been working on artificial intelligence - the difference to then is that today we have the necessary computing capacity and the technology can now be used in corporates. Nevertheless, a large number of AI projects fail and they do not make it into production. There are several reasons for this - one of them is that data scientists, software developers and business analysts do not speak the same language. UX, if used intelligently, can connect these worlds.

Ratheiser Patrick is CEO and founder of Leftshift One. He is a business economist and computer scientist and combines these two worlds. As a solution architect for software enterprise solutions in the field of AI, it is important to make access to this technology easy. UX can make a valuable contribution to this.

  • 20:00 - 21:00
  • Online


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